my current hyperfixation is my personality

i'm eznii! she/her and lgbt+, i like cats and also basically all forms of media, but my fave is homestuck! i also do art i guess

i honestly spent way too long on this for no reason

my updated fantrolls! i hope that i will actually draw them sometime lol

my last ladystuck2020 piece for Bunnyknickers, thanks for letting me participate!

the prompt was "maybe kid swap... maybe rose and Roxy strider... mmm"

the fourth ladystuck2020 piece i did for Bunnyknickers!

the prompt was "Fairy vriska (the outfit kanaya made)" i really like the style i did for her :D

my third ladystuck2020 piece for Bunnyknickers on Instagram! the prompt was "Kanaya !"

my second ladystuck2020 piece for Bunnyknickers!

the prompt was "GRIMDARK rose (as canon, maybe fancy?)"

my piece for ladystuck2020! Bunnyknickers wanted "SPACE ROXY" and im here to deliver :D

im really REALLY late to the kidsona trend but here

we had to draw a creature from greek/egyptian mythology for art class so i finally had an opportunity to express my horsegirl childhood

i redesigned my ocs from a book i was writing when i was 12 :D tbh while it is cringe its not a bad story and i might revisit it one day!


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Safe For Work Art only please. ^_^;

just binged beastars and i may or may not be a furry now :/

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A short comic about Schrodinger's Cat. One of my favorite comics I've made.

edit: it appears the last 3 pages have been missing since i uploaded this 2 weeks ago! whoops. now fixed.

edit2: nevermind, that seems to have removed all but 1 of the pages. apparently this is an issue with the site, so i'll wait a week before trying to edit this post again. Sorry!

edit 3: should be good now?? fingers crossed.

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being percieved is a sin and i continually anger god

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june + roxy walkmen fever